Workplace Investigations

Your employees are entitled to a safe workplace. Hiring an external investigator means you can ensure an unbiased outcome while also limiting overall liability. Our experienced lawyers ensure that your workplace investigation is a priority. With a background in human resources and employment law, we are uniquely positioned to better serve your workplace investigation needs.

Our seasoned fact-finders have a strong working knowledge of policies, codes of conduct, and, of course, law. Utilizing solid investigation techniques, we handle each investigation efficiently and objectively. At the conclusion of each investigation, our lawyers will compile their findings and analysis into comprehensive and objective reports.

Whether your workplace investigation involves workplace harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, a poisoned workplace, or another litigious issue, we promise to provide a fair, thorough, and professional investigation and will assist you in navigating the nuanced and complex landscape of HR and employment law.

While we specialize in workplace investigations, we also offer workplace investigation guidance to in-house investigators. In addition to this, we conduct workplace assessments and internal audits to test the temperature of your workplace culture in order to take preventative action regarding possible complaints of workplace harassment.

We consult on a range of workplace investigation topics including, but not limited to:

  • Violence or threats of violence in the workplace
  • Human rights violations, including discrimination and failure to accommodate
  • Workplace harassment or bullying
  • Reprisal/retaliation complaints
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile or toxic work environment
  • Fraud
  • Conflict of interest

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