Empathy In Workplace Investigations

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Skilled investigators do not jump to conclusions about a person’s character. Instead, they seek to understand other people’s perspectives and conduct effective, unbiased interviews. Quality workplace investigations are critical to your organization’s success. Find out more inside.

Outcome of a Workplace Investigation

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What happens once a workplace investigation is done and a final report is produced? Our latest blog post lays out some important information to consider after completing a workplace investigation.

Proving a Hostile Work Environment

Businesswoman in a hostile work environment

While proving a hostile work environment is legally challenging, working in an overly hostile environment can amount to a breach of your legal rights and should not be ignored.

4 Steps to Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims in Your Business

As a business owner in Ontario, having a friendly and safe environment for your employees can increase productivity. It is also necessary to protect your business from potential legal liability. Here are 4 steps to help protect your business from a workplace harassment claim.

The Value of External Investigators in Workplace Investigations

External workplace investigators can benefit your business

The failure to investigate allegations promptly and properly can result in employer liability and suggest that the employer is responsible for or involved in the misconduct. That is just one of 5 reasons why having an external workplace investigator can benefit your business.