Wilful Misconduct: How to Draw the Line?

Large man being violent towards smaller workers

Ontario employers may be surprised to know that termination with just cause come with two standards – the common law standard and the statutory standard. We break down some of the factors in our latest blog post.

Webinar: Harness your People Power: How HR Improves your Business

Human resources can often be a key missing piece that, when placed, helps your business focus on growth and the bottom line while also unlocking hidden potential that may be overlooked in day to day operations. Far from being a cost centre, custom-tailored HR solutions are instrumental in harnessing your business’ people power.

4 Steps to Restoring Your Workplace After A Harassment Complaint

employees harassing co-worker

Harassment in the workplace is an all-to-common occurrence today, taking place in all occupations. Thanks to regulations in Canada, all workers are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. We can offer workplace harassment investigations in Ontario, as well as provide a path towards workplace restoration.

Termination for Cause: Employee Showing Preference During RFP

Terminations for cause must meet a high threshold to be effective. It is often easier, and sometimes cheaper, to dismiss an employee without cause and pay the accompanying severance rather than alleging cause and defending the allegation in court. In the case of Schultz v. Canada Lands Company CLC Limited, 2019 ONSC 2124, the employer […]