Making the Most of the Probationary Period


The probationary period can help employers make important decisions about a new hire, while employees can take the time to determine whether their new workplace fits their expectations, too. We break down some details on how companies can get the most out of the probationary period.

Right to Disconnect


As of June 2, 2022, employers in Ontario with 25 or more employees will be required to implement a written “Right to Disconnect” policy. This requirement was included in the recently passed Bill 27, a.k.a. Working for Workers Act.

4 Steps to Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims in Your Business

As a business owner in Ontario, having a friendly and safe environment for your employees can increase productivity. It is also necessary to protect your business from potential legal liability. Here are 4 steps to help protect your business from a workplace harassment claim.

HR Trends for 2022

2022 HR Trends

Looking forward to 2022, there are many changes businesses will want to make to overcome the challenges that have emerged from our rapidly changing workforce. Here are 4 HR trends for 2022.

The Value of External Investigators in Workplace Investigations

External workplace investigators can benefit your business

The failure to investigate allegations promptly and properly can result in employer liability and suggest that the employer is responsible for or involved in the misconduct. That is just one of 5 reasons why having an external workplace investigator can benefit your business.