Upcoming Ontario Legislation: Working for Workers Four Act, 2023


The Ontario government has released the text of its latest employment legislation, the fourth in a serios of Working for Workers Acts. These acts have made some changes to various pieces of Ontario legislation including the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

Proving a Hostile Work Environment

Businesswoman in a hostile work environment

While proving a hostile work environment is legally challenging, working in an overly hostile environment can amount to a breach of your legal rights and should not be ignored.

Does Your Employee Handbook Need an Update?

People with books

Handbooks are key workplace documents that establish expectations, practices, and procedures to help keep employees on track and performing. A handbook should always be kept up to date to ensure it takes into account changes in the law and changes at your business. Find out more inside.

4 Steps to Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims in Your Business

As a business owner in Ontario, having a friendly and safe environment for your employees can increase productivity. It is also necessary to protect your business from potential legal liability. Here are 4 steps to help protect your business from a workplace harassment claim.

Naloxone Kits: Breaking Down the Ontario Requirement


If you’re an employer who may have a risk of an opioid overdose in the workplace, then you should be aware of a new Ontario requirement to provide naloxone in the workplace. Found out more in our latest blog post.

Recognition of the Tort of Harassment: Recent Development


The tort of harassment has been undergoing a renaissance (or perhaps better stated as a naissance) in Canadian jurisdictions. While torts have had a long history as causes of actions in common law jurisdiction, it is only in the last several years that jurisdictions such as Ontario and now, Alberta, recognized a tort cause of actions for harassment in egregious circumstances.