The Importance of the Social Experience in the Workplace

Having a positive workplace culture should be every organization’s goal and establishing a social committee will help strengthen employee relationships and improve overall morale and employee satisfaction.  Given our daily stresses, who doesn’t enjoy attending a fun work event or gathering? Your social committee will typically organize most of the social events for your employees […]

How an HR Swot Analysis Can Help with Your HR Planning

SWOT Analysis

An HR SWOT analysis is a strategic activity performed by the HR team and is a thorough analysis of the internal and external factors affecting Human Resources in your organization.  Conducting a SWOT analysis will help you understand your organization’s current position leading you to decisions and prioritization for improvements. Begin by using the SWOT […]

Mitigation: A Failure to Mitigate Risks Entitlement to Reasonable Notice

Man Reading Contract

Employees who are terminated, and whose contract entitles them to reasonable notice, are required to “mitigate damages” by seeking alternative work during their reasonable notice period. Typically, this means applying for, and accepting, comparable employment. In most cases employees do seek comparable work and discharge their duty, but what happens when an employee fails to […]

Compelling Reasons to Develop and Maintain a Job Analysis Program

When long tenured employees inform their HR department that they are thinking about retirement, it may cause panic if there are no obvious internal successors. Given that in these situations, the role has been adequately filled for so long the job description if one even exists, is likely so outdated that it does not reflect […]

Governance of Employment Relationships in Ontario: Overview

Ontario employment relationships are governed by various pieces of legislation. These laws are designed to protect the workers and ensure that they are treated fairly in the workplace, while also establishing a clear set of rules that employers can rely on when making hiring, management, and termination decisions. Find out more inside.

Practical Measures to Consider Before Terminating an Underperforming Employee

People Meeting

Parting ways with an employee is not only a difficult task for any manager, but can be stressful, time-consuming, and may negatively impact the morale of your team members.  You have the tricky task of discussing an employee’s areas of weakness and then figuring out how to correct them. Immediate termination should be reserved for […]

Does Your Employee Handbook Need an Update?

HR with books

A formal, written employee handbook is one of the most important documents in the workplace. Employers should make sure that their handbook is up-to-date and in compliance with all of the legal requirements applicable to them. The handbook should be comprehensive and cover all key policies of the company relating to employees’ conduct, as well […]

Key HR Insights for 2024

HR Insights

The role of HR in an organization continues to evolve significantly as this key function adapts to the changing needs of its workforce.  HR will shift priorities and focus on what is now most relevant in the new working world and what trends, factors and impacts are key for their organization.  How we attract, develop, […]

Understanding and Leveraging Multigenerational Employees

When your youngest employee is 19 years of age and your oldest employee is 69, that is an organizational strength, but this significant and meaningful gap in life experience requires you to recognize the inevitable differences in mindset and perspective to make things work and get the best out of everyone. This article provides insights into different generations in the workplace and provides tips on leveraging a multigenerational workforce.