Setting up your New Hires for Success

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Making a great first impression is crucial for employee retention and you only get one chance. Optimizing the employee experience before they start will increase your chances of successfully integrating the new employee into the company quickly and effectively.

Is it Time for a Human Resources Health Check?

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It’s may not always be obvious that your business needs a Human Resources (HR) audit, and ideal timing may not be clear, but there will often be tell-tale signs that show it’s time to review your human resource functions. An external HR Consultant can provide an unbiased assessment of your organizations key HR strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvement.

Wilful Misconduct: How to Draw the Line?

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Ontario employers may be surprised to know that termination with just cause come with two standards – the common law standard and the statutory standard. We break down some of the factors in our latest blog post.

Drafting Non-Competes in Canada: Clarity is Key


The Ontario Court of Appeal recently provided helpful guidance on drafting employment non-competes. While non-competes are generally prohibited in Ontario, except in executive agreements, the reasoning described by the ONCA is a helpful guide throughout Canada. More inside.

Making the Most of the Probationary Period


The probationary period can help employers make important decisions about a new hire, while employees can take the time to determine whether their new workplace fits their expectations, too. We break down some details on how companies can get the most out of the probationary period.