Sexual Discrimination in Ontario

Employers need to stay current and compliant when it comes to sexual discrimination and harassment laws in Ontario. Expected and continual changes in the law will require employers to take concrete steps for ensuring their workplace is free of sexual discrimination. Employers must also address any sexual discrimination and harassment issues promptly when they arise. Call Bridge Legal & HR Solutions today to protect your organization.

Understanding Workplace Harassment Investigations in Ontario

Recent figures show that workplace harassment is not a rarity in Canada. Employers are required to deal with workplace harassment when it happens. However, businesses also need to take concrete steps to prevent harassment from occurring in the first place.

Bias and the Importance of Third-Party Workplace Investigations

Over the years best practices for workplace investigations have evolved, but decisions on the matter are consistent: bias is a critical factor in assessing the reasonableness of an investigation. What is the best way to avoid the appearance of bias? Engage a third-party investigator.