Business Litigation

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions brings to the table extensive experience prosecuting and defending commercial litigation, civil litigation, intellectual property and confidentiality, privacy, and other disputes. Regardless of the complexity of your matter, we are prepared to assist you with experienced and professional advice and litigation services. You can rest assured that whether you are defending or prosecuting business litigation matters, our experts stand ready to provide ongoing support to your matter from start to finish. 

Commercial Litigation

With years of experience in the Toronto Commercial List Court, Bridge Legal & HR Solutions helps advocate for your business and commercial interests.

We prosecute and defend contract disputes, commercial issues, breach of trust and fiduciary obligations, shareholder and partnership disputes, and fraudulent matters. We act on matters under the Canada Business Corporations Act, Ontario Business Corporations Act, Ontario Partnerships Act, and others.

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Civil Litigation

At Bridge Legal & HR Solutions, we understand lawsuits, and we can help you with yours. Your business, financial, and personal interests come first in our litigation strategy, every step of the way.

We have experience at all levels of court in Ontario, including the Superior Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Our practice includes:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Fraudulent Conduct or Conveyance
  • Breach of Trust
  • Enforcement Proceedings
  • Property Disputes

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Intellectual Property, and Confidentiality

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions helps protect your proprietary and confidential information. We help protect this information for you and your business through tactical and practical legal solutions.

We have experience litigating disputes involving intellectual property and confidentiality breaches. We understand what it takes to aggressively seek urgent injunctive relief. On the other side of the table, we also understand defence strategy litigating proprietary and confidentiality issues.

It is also critical for businesses to have protective measures in place in the first instance. This helps prevent the inappropriate use, disclosure, or retention of proprietary and confidential information. Bridge Legal & HR Solutions listens to your business needs, and drafts appropriate documentation to help secure your legal rights.

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Privacy concerns are critical to businesses and in the workplace. Much of our business and workplace today is powered by information and the sharing of that information. This extends to almost all aspects of social media in our society today, and may impact how social media activity should be conducted and managed.

Everyone involved needs to understand what part they play in respect of the information they have access to in the course of doing work, what their obligations are, and what they can or cannot do with such information.

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions understands evolving considerations in relation to privacy considerations and disputes, from the legal, business, and practical perspective. We advise on concerns on potential privacy infringements or breaches. As well, we prepare practical privacy policies custom tailored to suit your business and workplace needs.

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