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Does Your Employee Handbook Need an Update?

A formal, written employee handbook is one of the most important documents in the workplace. Employers should make sure that their handbook is up-to-date and

HR Insights

Key HR Insights for 2024

The role of HR in an organization continues to evolve significantly as this key function adapts to the changing needs of its workforce.  HR will

Investigation Interview

Workplace Investigation Best Practices That Build Trust

If you are conducting a workplace investigation pursuant to a complaint of prohibited discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code or an alleged violation of the Ontario Occupational

Employee Training

Understanding and Leveraging Multigenerational Employees

When your youngest employee is 19 years of age and your oldest employee is 69, that is an organizational strength, but this significant and meaningful gap in life experience requires you to recognize the inevitable differences in mindset and perspective to make things work and get the best out of everyone. This article provides insights into different generations in the workplace and provides tips on leveraging a multigenerational workforce.

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