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Legal Update

Recognition of the Tort of Harassment: Recent Development

The tort of harassment has been undergoing a renaissance (or perhaps better stated as a naissance) in Canadian jurisdictions. While torts have had a long history as causes of actions in common law jurisdiction, it is only in the last several years that jurisdictions such as Ontario and now, Alberta, recognized a tort cause of actions for harassment in egregious circumstances.

Empathetic discussion

Empathy In Workplace Investigations

Skilled investigators do not jump to conclusions about a person’s character. Instead, they seek to understand other people’s perspectives and conduct effective, unbiased interviews. Quality workplace investigations are critical to your organization’s success. Find out more inside.

Performance Improvement Convo

Key Tips for creating an Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Placing an employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP) is not enjoyable and certainly not the most comfortable part of anyone’s job, but it’s critical for organizational performance and efficiency.  Nobody likes to tell people bad news. Here are some tips on making it easier on yourself and on your employees.

Workplace Harassment

How Long Should a Workplace Investigation Take?

How long should a workplace investigation take in Ontario? It varies depending on several factors. Bridge Legal & HR Solutions provides skilled third-party investigations.

Legal Update

Condonation of Layoff: Silence May Not Be Enough

What constitutes condonation of layoff? A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision found that silence on the employee’s part may not be enough. More inside.

Performance Review

The Evolution of Performance Management

Many organizations are moving away from the traditional annual performance reviews which are being seen as tedious, stressful, and often ineffective. How can you improve your business’ performance management practices?

Happy Employees

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Going out your way to show your appreciation of employees doesn’t have to be costly.  Find inside: a few affordable ways to help keep your employees motivated and happy.

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