Encouraging Employees to Take Ownership of Their Learning

As much as we would all like to report to the perfect coach and mentor, the reality is that managers are often so swamped that they do not have enough time to teach employees everything. One of the best employee qualities is the consistent ability to take ownership, which includes taking responsibility for their learning […]

How to Improve Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get along and respect each other because we are different and unique?  We spend so much time with colleagues at work and our interpersonal relationships play a vital role in our level of stress, productivity, and overall happiness.  Canada is a diverse and multicultural nation, attracting people […]

Practical Measures to Consider Before Terminating an Underperforming Employee

People Meeting

Parting ways with an employee is not only a difficult task for any manager, but can be stressful, time-consuming, and may negatively impact the morale of your team members.  You have the tricky task of discussing an employee’s areas of weakness and then figuring out how to correct them. We break down some tips on steps to take before considering termination.

Growing Leaders for the Future

Prioritizing leadership development on all levels within the organization will help grow knowledge and provide your employees with opportunities to advance, both of which are critical for your organization’s long-term success.  Managers should always be focusing on preparing the next generation of leaders who will play a vital role in future decision making. How? Find out inside!

Making the Most out of Exit Interviews

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Exit interviews are an ideal opportunity to evaluate or confirm workplace culture, employee engagement and level of perceived opportunity. You will also gain important insight into the overall employee experience. Asking the right questions and listening carefully can provide you with an opportunity to learn and improve the employee experience. Find out how to make the most out of exit interviews in our latest blog post.

Leadership Direction that Inspires Employees to Give their Best

Having strong leaders in your organization will improve the bottom line. If you want to develop your leadership skills, start by recognizing the characteristics and traits of engaged leaders and learn to incorporate them into your daily work habits.  The suggestions in our latest blog post can help.

Is it Time for a Human Resources Health Check?

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It’s may not always be obvious that your business needs a Human Resources (HR) audit, and ideal timing may not be clear, but there will often be tell-tale signs that show it’s time to review your human resource functions. An external HR Consultant can provide an unbiased assessment of your organizations key HR strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvement.

Finding Good People on a Budget


Recruiting can be difficult, challenging, time-consuming and expensive. This has always been the case, but these difficulties are even more prevalent in today’s market. It may be a suitable time to pause and re-think your recruitment strategy. Find out some helpful tips in our latest blog post.

Key Tips for creating an Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Convo

Placing an employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP) is not enjoyable and certainly not the most comfortable part of anyone’s job, but it’s critical for organizational performance and efficiency.  Nobody likes to tell people bad news. Here are some tips on making it easier on yourself and on your employees.

The Evolution of Performance Management

Performance Review

Many organizations are moving away from the traditional annual performance reviews which are being seen as tedious, stressful, and often ineffective. How can you improve your business’ performance management practices?