How Having HR Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Human Resources Plays an Important Role

Human Resources is an essential piece of every business. Learn about the crucial role it plays and how even small companies can have a dedicated HR without paying for a full-time employee, saving themselves both time and money. 


Many small businesses do not feel they are big enough to bother with human resources. So, instead of paying for someone who specializes in HR, the work falls to the owner or office administrator. 


At first, it seems to make sense. After all, every dollar counts and paying extra just for HR when you have a handful of employees does not seem prudent. 


But, as your business expands and you hire more employees, the growing pains start. Employee recruitment, retention and engagement get more difficult because there are no policies and procedures in place.


It is all very ad hoc. 


The individual that was taking care of all the HR work, but was hired for another purpose, gets overwhelmed. And as such often happens when there is not enough time to manage everything, the ‘less important’ tasks like onboarding, safety documentation, and other ‘people issues’ get pushed to the side. 


Hopefully to be taken care of on some unforeseen date in the future.


Unfortunately, this can lead to legal problems in the future. Like how one company was fined $60,000 for not properly training and documenting the training of an employee – an HR task. 


And that’s not the only potential issue…


The Consequences of No HR

Many organizations also do not place enough value on human resources and how it can help improve employee relations and organizational culture. This can cost them indirectly in many ways, such as retention. 


Retention is key to any organization and is often achieved through fair and competitive salaries and benefits. Organizational culture and investing in your people, regardless of which generation category they fall into, increases your retention and should be a high priority. 


It has been proven over and over again that people will stay at a company if they feel valued, appreciated, and respected. 


Employee performance is high, and the cost of turnover is low when organizational culture provides opportunities for growth, leaders are visible and accessible. Wins are celebrated, and clear missions and values are understood by all. 


And what does that do for your company? It saves you time and money AND has been shown to increase productivity! (In other words, increase profits!)


The Question You Need to Ask


So, instead of asking, “Do I need HR?” The question should be, “Do I need a full-time HR and if so, and at what seniority level?” 


Let’s face it, hiring an HR Manager to lead a small but growing organization might not make sense right away. But, as we have laid out, it is vital to the success of your organization. 


Your employees need to be able to focus on their specialized areas while having the sense of relief that someone is available for all “HR” stuff. 


So if a full-time HR manager is not suitable for your growing business, an HR consultant might be the right option for you. 



Why Should I Consider Hiring an Outside HR Consultant?

Depending on the size of your organization, you may want to consider the services of an HR Consultant to assist you with your most pressing ‘people’ needs.


An HR consultant can help you with: 


  • Hiring, 
  • Training, 
  • Employee engagement, 
  • Health and safety, 
  • HR policies, 
  • and performance management.


But the most urgent concern is making sure you are legally compliant. 


Having an experienced HR consultant gives you many of the benefits of an internal HR manager but at a fraction of the cost. 


This strategic approach allows your organization to address other pressing concerns effectively while knowing that important ‘people’ issues are being properly managed and addressed. 


Just think… your executive team can gain back time and resources by leveraging your HR consulting. They can then focus with their teams on maintaining clients and growing the business.


An HR Consultant can also provide training, tools and resources to equip your management team with the necessary leadership skills and utilities to manage their people more effectively. If the department heads can become better “HR leaders” as a result of coaching and mentorship, then this will benefit the organization.




A Customizable Solution for Your Business


At Bridge Legal & HR, our experienced team of HR Consultants have the expertise and passion to assist you with all your Legal and HR requirements. 


Together we can find the perfect solution to address your HR needs, legal or otherwise. Our goal is to not only ensure you are legally compliant but also to provide cost-efficient HR practices.


Our services include the following:

  • Employee Contracts
  • Employment Law Support
  • HR Handbooks and Manuals
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Immigration Services
  • Leadership Training
  • Legal Compliance Reviews
  • Recruiting Support
  • Employee Surveys
  • Workplace Harassment & Violence Investigations
  • Termination Support


Contact Bridge Legal & HR Solutions at 647-794-5442 or at for more information. We are here to work closely with you to ensure all your HR and employment law needs are met.

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