Bridge Legal & HR Solutions Welcomes Irene Harmidarow

Irene Harmidarow

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions is pleased to announce that Irene Harmidarow has joined our team!

Irene has 25 years of experience providing implementation and training of human resources strategies.

Irene provides a multitude of human resources support and training.  Along with her professional training in leadership strategies, coaching, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence training, Irene has a passion for team and organizational alignment and cohesiveness. Other areas of expertise include Recruitment, Performance Management, Leadership Management, Policy Development, Organizational Development and Re-structure, Job and Compensation Analysis, Health & Safety, Workplace Investigations, and Training and Development.

Irene has obtained the CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader) through HRPA.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Irene.

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions strives to put clients first. We are focused on ensuring that our clients receive the professional services they need in a flexible and comprehensive manner. If you are looking for assistance with an employment issue, a workplace investigation, a question about immigration law, or human resource consulting, we are ready to help.

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