Who We Are

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions is a unique professional consulting firm offering both employment law services and HR advice to small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario. We also offer third-party, impartial workplace investigations across Canada. We are a team dedicated to helping our clients succeed through our collaborative approach, providing expert legal advice and practical HR consulting. Our decades of collective experience in human resources and law enables us to offer a combined service to better serve our clients’ needs. We care about our clients and take a “partnership” approach – understanding the importance of expert, sensible, and high-quality service.

Whether you are looking for advice on drafting employment agreements, HR policies, maintaining compliance with employment laws, office conflict mediation, workplace investigations, professional development for employees, or something else employment related altogether, our team of human resource and legal professionals are here for you. Our services are accessible regardless of your budget or the size of your business – we will work with you to ensure that our services complement your business strategy. We place great emphasis on delivering cost-effective, pragmatic solutions to our clients by delivering flexible and practical solutions.

We are based in the Greater Toronto Area, but our flexible capabilities allow us to offer support to organizations across Ontario.

Our Approach

Our clients are our number one priority. We believe the best way to build a successful relationship is to build a partnership and have a thorough understanding of our clients’ organizations, and to be responsive and flexible.  This is the touchstone of our approach, and with these principles in mind, we have made it our business to ensure expectations are always met. We are not like other consulting firms – we want to see our clients succeed and want to ensure they have a relationship with us; that we are not just a call-in service. We make the effort to know our clients’ unique needs.

Whether it is a one-time project, or ongoing consulting support, we have a solution to fit within your budget. We offer unique billing structures to suit all your HR and employment needs, such as advice on employment law, human resources, performance management, conflict resolution, mediation, employee immigration, visas and more. Our flexible billing approach means we can offer hourly rates, a customized monthly membership, or invoice on a per project basis. Our most popular option is our monthly membership which includes unlimited access to general HR support and employment standards guidance.

Our unique collaborative and personalized approach means that we will help with the creation of a budget that allows you access to both human resources professionals and employment law professionals without worrying about the cost every time you pick up the phone. We offer personalized and dependable solutions at your fingertips.

Our Services

Bridge Legal & HR Solutions provides a practical and collaborative approach to HR consultation and legal advice. While we specialize in workplace investigations, human resources, and employment law, we can consult and advise on a number of topics including general human resources and legal guidance on employment standards, support on performance management issues, succession planning, awards programs, and more.  We can also work with you to ensure all of your HR training needs are met, either through our online courses, or by working with you to create customized training. 

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Latest Insights

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Leadership in the workplace transcends traditional management, focusing on motivation, empowerment, and continuous learning. Effective leaders coach employees, fostering engagement and improved performance. Key traits include visionary guidance, empathy, adaptability, clear communication, and mentorship. Integrating coaching boosts employee confidence, commitment, and productivity. Regular evaluations ensure coaching effectiveness, benefiting both individual and organizational success.

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The Bridge Legal Advantage

We understand how important cost-effective human resources support and legal advice is for small to mid-sized organizations. Whether you require ongoing external HR support or simply need advice from time-to-time, your organization’s size should not be a barrier to success—that is where we come in. Bridge Legal & HR Solutions’ experienced and dependable HR and employment law team is here to provide workplace solutions that are tailored to your needs and available when you need them. We collaborate with you and within our team to provide well-rounded services. Our HR advice is reviewed by our employment lawyers and our employment lawyers have access to the expertise of our HR professionals.

We know how difficult human resources and employment law can be to navigate on your own, which is why our experienced team of HR professionals and employment lawyers will work closely with you to ensure all your HR and employment law needs are met. Routine or complex, we are here to handle your unique needs in a cost-effective and timely manner, all without the headaches.


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